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Erb’s Palsy

There are many dangers that a woman undergoes when she is in labor to herself and her unborn child. One of these dangers is Erb’s Palsy. This is a problem that affects the nerves of the unborn child which can result in severe injury. In most cases, children born with Erb’s Palsy received this when they were pulled out of the birth canal. In most cases, the child was too big to be vaginally delivered. When children who are too big for the mother pass through the birth canal, they can become stuck. Usually, they are stuck around their shoulders. When this happens, the doctor reaches in and pulls the child’s head to help guide the shoulders through the birth canal. It is this pulling on the head of the child that results in the nerves becoming damaged.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s Palsy can be either permanent or semi-permanent. Many children who are a difficult delivery who have Erb’s Palsy are able to grow out of this with the right kind of physical therapy and attention. However, some children have Erb’s Palsy so bad that there is no physical therapy that really helps them. They may have surgery to try and correct this problem, but surgery is not a guarantee that they will function as normal children.

Erb’s Palsy Prevention

The key to preventing Erb’s Palsy falls in the hand of the doctors that have monitored the mother during her pregnancy. If the doctor feels the baby is too big to have a vaginal delivery, then he or she can make the call for a c-section. This can all be diagnosed with ultrasounds and keeping abreast on how big the baby is getting while in the womb. It is important to note that those mothers who have diabetes or gestational diabetes are at a larger risk of their babies suffering from Erb’s Palsy.

Erb’s Palsy Law

Since Erb’s Palsy is something that can be prevented through proper medical care, it makes sense that if a child is born with this that the person responsible should be held so. If you have a child that has this, then you need to speak with a personal injury attorney to discuss what your options are. Your options may include getting the doctor to pay for all medical bills that the child ensues as they are getting treated for this, advanced therapies and the like.

A New York City personal injury lawyer knows that this is an accident that could be avoided. Depending on the severity of the Erb’s Palsy with the infant will dictate just how much a person can expect to receive in compensation. Chances are, if your child is diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy, you want the best medical care out there to ensure that they can have both arms functioning properly and through filing a suit against the attending doctor you can ensure that your child does not suffer. A personal injury lawyer will sit down with and talk about the delivery, whether the doctors seemed concerned and what proactive measures were taken to prevent this. In many cases, no preventative measures were taken and this is grounds for a medical malpractice suit. So contact Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman today for your free New York medical malpractice consultation.