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Power Morcellator

A power morcellator is a type of surgical took that is used in laparoscopic hysterectomies and fibroid removal procedures. Unfortunately the use of these power morcellator’s in these procedures can promote the spread of a rare, and deadly, form of uterine cancer. As a result of these findings several manufacturers have suspended the production of power morcellators at the same time as many hospitals have banned them until the risk has been fully evaluated.
Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, L.L.P. is investigating the ongoing hysterectomy cancer lawsuits that involve the use of a power morcellator and could have helped spread the uterine sarcoma to them woman.

Power Morcellators use "long, tube-shaped blades to cut uterine tissue into small pieces" allowing the surgeon to perform a laparoscopic hysterectomy to remove the tissue through a small incision. These kinds of procedures have become increasing popular in recent years because they are minimally invasive, which reduces the risk of leaving scars on the patient.

FDA Warning of Power Morcellator

On April 17th, 2014 the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) released a statement discouraging the use of power morcellators in women seeking hysterectomy (removal of uterus through lower abdomen) and myomectomy (surgery to remove uterine fibroids – also called leiomyomas) procedures. The FDA suspects that nearly 1 in 350 women, that are undergoing these procedures with the power morcellators, are at risk for having unsuspected uterine sarcoma, which can have major life altering consequences that the patient should not have to suffer for.

The FDA says that it has known for a some time that the morcellators could spread uterine cancer, but the recent attention given to the subject because of the unfortunate death of Barbara Leary led them to reopen the investigation and discovered a higher risk than was initially reported. Magdy Milad, chief of gynecology and gynecologic surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital reported that "there were times connections were made but not reported", which is a particularly disturbing realization.

As more evidence starts to surface it is harder and harder to understand why it has taken us this long to see results. If you had a hysterectomy or myomectomy and the surgeon performed the operation with a power morcellator you should contact the New York personal injury attorneys at Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, L.L.P. today and find out if you can be compensated for your damages, or potential future damages.