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New York Construction Accident Lawyers

Getting A Construction Accident Lawyer In New York City

At Pulvers Thompson, we understand that you might need a construction accident lawyer NYC. Construction workers are plying their trade every day, and we know that large companies need representation in the event that a major accident happens. We can assign you a New York construction injury attorney, and you will receive a consultation on the case.

The Free Consultation

A free consultation is offered to every client about their particular construction accident. Our construction accident lawyers in New York City are here to review the merits of your case, defend you if necessary, or fight for your rights when you have been injured.

Allow Your Lawyer To Speak For You

You cannot speak on your case to any involved parties. We prefer that you allow one of our construction accident lawyers in New York City to speak for you. This could include settlement negotiations that occur when you are waiting for compensation, when you are contacted for a deposition, or when you receive letters in the mail from another party. Forward all information to your lawyer so that they can review any evidence that might have come up.

Why Do You Need A New York Construction Attorney?

A construction accident lawyer NYC knows the laws of the city, and they are familiar with all the major players in court. The lawyer is aware of construction companies in the area that you might have worked for, and they are aware of which judges will hear these cases fairly. You must trust that only a local lawyer can help you get through this case safely.

Get Your Case Reviewed Today!

The construction accident that you have been involved in must be litigated by a New York construction injury attorney. Our attorneys will help you review the case, negotiate a settlement, or challenge the charges in court.

Handling Construction Accident Claims Throughout NY

At Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, L.L.P., our New York construction accident attorneys believe that employees deserve the highest level of service and compassion after being injured on the job. In more 70 years of legal practice, we have seen how workers are the backbone of New York City. Construction workers are responsible for building the greatest city in the world -- and we are proud to represent them when they need help after a worksite injury.

Whether your workplace injury was caused by an unavoidable accident, your employer's negligence or a third party, we can help you take steps to pursue financial compensation under the law. Our NY construction accident lawyers frequently assist workers who have suffered from:

  • Injuries to construction workers — including crane collapses and scaffolding accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents and falling objects
  • Accidents in factories and warehouses
  • Injuries caused by explosions and fires
  • Accidents caused by defective equipment and machinery

You Have Options. We'll Help You Evaluate Them.

If you were injured on the job, you might be eligible for workers' compensationbenefits for your medical expenses, related costs and a percentage of your lost wages. However, if workers' compensation benefits are insufficient, you may have other options. New York labor laws are unique because they allow certain construction accident victims to file lawsuits in addition to collecting workers' compensation.

Pursuing The Compensation You Need

If you were injured or disabled, or became ill as a result of your job it can have serious affects on your family and livelihood. There may be medical bills and lost wages while you recover from the injury. If there is partial or permanent disability, there will be expenses for extended medical care, as well as compensation for losing your livelihood.

New York has strong labor laws protecting the rights of injured workers. Work environments and especially construction sites have safety regulations mandated by both federal and state law. These regulations are put in place to keep individuals safe while at work, particular in the case of construction accidents. However, even with these regulations in place, construction accidents in NYC can occur due to the negligence of others. Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, L.L.P. can assist in the case of construction accidents and other work related accidents. Our workplace injury lawyers are here to help victims and their families in this difficult situation.

Put Our Experience And Reputation In Your Corner

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Ready to learn more about your rights after being injured on the job? Visit ourwork accident FAQ for the answers to some common questions, or contact us if you have questions that are specific to your situation. One of our experienced New York City construction accident attorneys would love to meet with you at no charge, answer your questions and help you evaluate your options.

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