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Workplace Explosions

Workplace explosions can result in severe and possibly fatal injuries. Victims of workplace explosions may require both short term and long-term medical assistance, possibly resulting in insurmountable medical bills and expenses. Workplace explosions can result in severe burns, lost limbs, trauma or a number of various other injuries. Negligence is commonly the cause of the explosions. According to Bureau of Labor statistics, explosions took the lives of nearly 150 workers in 2011. These types of accidents don’t just happen at fertilizer plants. Often, they result from a gas leak or the accumulation of dust or chemicals in the air. If you have been hurt because of any type of explosion on the job, we can help.

At Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson our skilled NYC personal injury attorneys assist clients injured by explosions receive the maximum financial award. While many lawyers claim to handle explosion accidents, our firm possessed the resources, experience and legal know-how to provide the very best in legal representation.