Factory or Warehouse Accident Attorneys

Although factories and warehouses have safety regulations to follow, working in a factory or warehouse comes with risks of injuries that are not present in other occupations and on other premises.

Because of the prevalence of heavy machinery and equipment, these industries pose a significantly greater risk of injury than many other jobs.

To add to the risk of injury, some factories and warehouses are not kept up to safety codes, machinery may not be kept in top shape, and negligent acts may occur.

There are a number of factory or warehouse accidents that take place, including forklift accidents, falling inventory injuries, loading dock accidents, conveyor belt injuries, slip and fall injuries, exposure to chemicals, and lifting injuries.

In fact, unsafe working conditions are a major contributing factor to the 2022 warehouse labor shortage.

Demands to manufacture, pack, and/or ship items quickly to meet next-day shipping deadlines have forced workers into long shifts with limited breaks and contribute to hazardous working conditions.

Factory or Warehouse Accidents and
Workers’ Compensation

When factory or warehouse accidents occur on the job, workers’ compensation benefits should cover a good portion of the financial damages suffered by the worker, including lost wages and medical benefits.

Under New York State law, workers’ compensation benefits cover medical care and wage replacement, regardless of who is at fault. Pain and suffering, however, is not covered.

When workers’ compensation benefits do not cover the full extent of the injured party’s damages, the injured party may be left wondering what he or she can do.

This is because most warehouse and factory employers are indemnified against lawsuits except for in the specific instance of safety violations. Subcontractors and equipment manufacturers, however, may not be protected from lawsuits that arise from injuries at factories and warehouses.

What a Personal Injury Attorney Can Do for You

If you are the victim of a work-related accident in a factory or warehouse and have suffered an injury as a result, it may be wise to retain the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney.

A knowledgeable and skilled personal injury attorney can help you collect the maximum amount of workers’ compensation appropriate for your injuries.

Furthermore, in the instances where it is appropriate to do so, the personal injury attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf against the factory or warehouse employer, or a third-party liability claim, to recover damages for your injuries.