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The personal injury lawyers at Pulvers Thompson have a proven track record of securing millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients. We understand how devastating it can be to recover from a workplace injury while coping with extensive medical bills. We will thoroughly investigate your claim and advocate strongly for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

On-Site Work Accident Attorneys in New York

You can sustain an injury at work whether you’re in an office or at a construction site. Regardless, you are entitled to workers’ compensation should you suffer physical or emotional harm while working.

Compensation can come in the form of money, healthcare, and/or survivor benefits. Companies aren’t always willing to fork over the compensation you’re entitled to, which is where you’d need a lawyer to step in. Only an experienced lawyer can help you get everything you’re entitled to.

How To Know If You Are Entitled To
Workers’ Compensation

Some people miss out on workers’ compensation benefits simply because they don’t know they qualify. On top of suffering an injury at your place of work, there are other situations where you can qualify for compensation as well. These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • An incident occurred while you’re traveling for work or attending a company-sponsored event
  • You aggravated a pre-existing condition while working
  • Another worker’s or manager’s misconduct or negligence caused an injury
  • You performed a hazardous task at work

Entitlement to workers’ compensation can arise in ways you were never aware of before — you can even receive benefits if you’re totally or partially responsible for the incident. If you’re not sure whether you qualify or not, reach out to Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, L.L.P. for a consultation.

Should You File a Workers’ Compensation or
Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Injured employees tend to seek compensation through their employer’s insurance policy for workers’ compensation. If you decide to go this route, you will forfeit your opportunity to sue your employer for personal injury.

However, if a third party is at fault for your injury, you can file a personal injury suit against them and a workers’ compensation suit against your employer. You can file a third party lawsuit under the following circumstances while working:

  • A defective product caused your injury
  • A toxic substance caused your injury
  • A third party employee caused your injury
  • Your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance

Why You Need A Lawyer For On-Site Work Accidents?

On-site work accidents can happen nearly anywhere from a construction site to an office complex. New Yorkers who become injured while on the job have a right to seek benefits through their employer’s workers’ compensation plan. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation benefits may not cover all of your expenses. If a third party caused your injuries, you might have the option to pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Pulvers, Pulvers Thompson L.L.P. will guide you through the process of seeking compensation, which is often complicated and stressful. We have spent decades representing New York City clients just like you, and we will inform you of your legal options and rights.

Need Help With Your On-Site Work Accident Lawsuit?

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Unlike a workers’ compensation lawsuit, you must prove the third party was negligent or directly responsible for your accident in a personal injury lawsuit. If you’re not sure which way to turn for your lawsuit, our team of expert attorneys can guide you through every step of the way.