Dog Bite Child Injury Attorneys in New York

Although dogs are often considered to be man’s best friend that does not guarantee that our children are safe from harm when interacting with them.

When any dog bites a child, it is always unexpected. Approximately, around 400,000 children are bitten by dogs every year.

Because of their size and possible naivete to dogs, children are more likely to be seriously injured by a dog than adults would be.

New York Dog Bite Child Injury Lawyers

Even the most well behaved, excellently trained dogs have bad days. Extenuating and stressful circumstances might make your dog prone to lashing out.

When walking your dog, always be attentive to the environment and the impact it has on them. We love our pets. As responsible dog owners, we do our best to feed, provide shelter, and socialize them. Ironically, some of our pets are used to protect our home or business.

More importantly, it’s very important to get the veterinary care they need to stay well. Unfortunately, sometimes your pet can become a liability. The pet negligently can or cannot become a strict liability.

For example, your pet may cause bodily injury to one of your family members or guests causing you to have to consult a New York City dog bite attorney that can help. We understand that nobody intends for their pet to become a liability, and we’ll diligently help you fight your claim.

Recovery from a dog bite can take weeks. The legal battle from a dog attack can take months to settle in court. The other party may fight to avoid giving you the full compensation that you deserve. In fact, you may have legal grounds to sue the business owner where the dog attack took place. 

Accomplished Representation in
Dog Bite Child Injury Lawsuits

Dog bite laws in New York fall under strict liability and can be very challenging. If you find yourself on the other side of a dog bite, you’re invited to call a New York dog bite attorney expert for a free consultation today.