Back & Neck Injury Attorneys in New York

Back and neck injuries can occur anywhere and without warning. These injuries are often the result of the negligence of another or outside factors, such as car accidents, slips and falls, work accidents, and sports injuries.

Back and neck injuries can be severe and include: spinal cord injuries, whiplash, slipped and herniated disks, as well as severe and lasting back and neck pain.

Back or neck injuries can have a significant effect on the victim’s life, resulting in medical bills, lost wages, and affecting his or her ability to retain certain employment and perform certain daily tasks.

New York Back & Neck Injury Lawyers

Among adults, 60% to 80% will experience back pain and 20% to 70% will experience neck pain that interferes with their daily activities during their lifetime.

Although back and neck injuries can cause severe and chronic pain, these injuries may oftentimes be hard to prove. Unlike other more easily identifiable injuries, it can be difficult to prove how often you are in pain as a result of the injury, how much pain you are in, and the amount to which the back and neck pain limits your ability to perform certain tasks.

Therefore, back and neck injury settlement amounts can vary greatly.

Why Do You Need a Back & Neck Injury Attorney?

If you or someone you know suffered a back or neck injury through someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to file a claim against the negligent party to recover damages in the form of a personal injury settlement.

Many time when filing a back or neck injury claim you will be dealing with the other party’s insurance company who will try to keep the damage payout as low as possible.

Therefore, it is wise to retain the counsel of a qualified and skilled personal injury attorney to get you the settlement that you deserve to compensate you for your injuries.

Accomplished Representation in
Back & Neck Injury Lawsuits

Whatever the cause, you need an attorney to properly represent you and your needs. Our New York personal injury attorneys have secured millions in compensation for back and neck injury victims throughout New York.