Head Trauma Attorneys in New York

There were over 64,000 Traumatic Brain Injury related deaths in the United States in 2020. This equates to about 176 deaths a day.

A head injury is any trauma that injures the scalp, skull, or brain. These injuries can vary from minor bumps and bruises to a serious brain injury.

The most common injuries include concussions, scalp wounds and skull fractures. Head injuries may cause bleeding in the brain tissue and in the layers that surround the brain.

Common Causes of Head Injury

Common causes of head injury include:

  • Accidents in the Home
  • Accidents at Work or Outdoors
  • Falls
  • Car Accidents
  • Physical Assault

Dealing and surviving with any kind of head injury/trauma can be a lifelong and altering injury. The head is an incredibly sensitive part of the body, controlling so many of our daily functions.

Any trauma that occurs to the brain and head area should be taken with the utmost seriousness. If the head trauma is caused by another’s negligence, it only makes sense the victim should receive the compensation and care that they need from those at fault.

New York Traumatic Head Injury Lawyers

It never hurts to speak to a New York personal injury lawyer about what you may be eligible for because you never know when a head injury is going to be more serious than what you had anticipated.

Plus, through preparing and having an attorney on hand, you know that you are not going to suffer more than what is necessary while trying to recover from your head injury.

If you were injured in New York due to the negligence of another person you should contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.

Accomplished Representation in
Traumatic Head Injury Lawsuits

Whatever the cause, you need an attorney to properly represent you and your needs. Our New York personal injury attorneys have secured millions in compensation for traumatic head injury victims throughout New York.