Workplace Accident Attorneys in New York

You are entitled to complete safety in your workplace, and your employer, building owner, or other people in positions of responsibility are required to maintain a particular level of safety as per New York Labor Law standards.

If you are severely injured in your workplace because safety standards are not met, you could be eligible for significant compensation for your damages, either through workers’ compensation or other avenues.

Why Do You Need a Workplace Accident Attorney?

It can be complicated to figure out how much compensation you are eligible for and from where you are entitled to receive it. Experienced lawyers like the ones at Pulvers, Pulvers, & Thompson have the intricate knowledge and expertise needed in dealing with these issues and institutions, and we make sure our clients receive the maximum compensation they deserve.

Some Workplace Accident Facts

These statistics are based on the latest BLS report.

  • The top three industries with the most days away from work for employees due to injury or illness were nursing assistants, heavy and tractor-trailer drivers, and laborers and freight, stock and material movers.
  • Total cases of worker illness more than quadrupled, with an almost 4,000% increase in reported respiratory illnesses.
  • Construction workers are in the top five occupations for most work injuries.

What Pulvers & Thompson Can Do for You?

At Pulvers, Pulvers, & Thompson, our expert attorneys fight hard for you to receive your legal benefits, rights, and compensation to cover your damages.

We have extensive experience handling workplace injury cases, and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients over the years.

Our clients become part of our family, and we have worked with generations of families helping to defend their legal rights.