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Have you or someone you love suffered after a healthcare facility or provider made medical errors? Many people are surprised to learn that more people are injured and killed in the United States by medical errors than by car accidents. In fact, one study found that over 250,000 deaths in the United States are due to medical mistakes. Medical malpractice in New York is more common than many people believe. If you or someone you love was hurt by a negligent medical provider or organization, you are not alone.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New York

Medical malpractice cases are increasingly common, but they involve many complexities, including dealing with insurance agencies, expert witnesses, and proving that the doctor didn’t follow their typical standard of care. Additionally, medical malpractice cases often end up going to trial.

At Pulvers, Pulvers, & Thompson, you can get some of the best medical malpractice lawyers in New York. We can navigate through all the intricate issues involved in medical malpractice cases so you receive the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Types of Medical Malpractice Claims

Not all medical malpractice cases are the same, and there are a variety of different claims one can make.
These claims include:

Mistakes when Prescribing and Administering Medication

When the doctor uses improper methods to treat a specific illness, they risk causing further harm to the patient.

These improper methods include procedures that cause you harm or incorrect medication prescriptions.

The doctor might also use the correct procedure but fail to execute it properly.


Misdiagnosis happens when the healthcare provider wrongly diagnoses a disease.

In this case, a qualified doctor would have given a different diagnosis that would have allowed you to seek proper treatment.

Not Being Truthful About the Risks Involved

If a doctor fails to inform the patient of all the known risks in any treatment or procedure, and it resulted in a patient’s injury or death, there is a possible case of medical malpractice.

Our NY medical malpractice attorneys represent patients in virtually all types of medical malpractice cases, including:

  • Hospital negligence when malpractice occurs in a hospital setting
  • Plastic surgery malpractice
  • Malpractice and negligence during surgery, including anesthesia errors
  • Drug-related injuries caused by medication errors
  • Unprofessional conduct by a medical professional
  • Birth injuries to mothers and children

Medical Malpractice and COVID-19

In a pandemic, new opportunities for medical errors come to light. A study was done showing that doctors in the United States experienced some of the highest levels of burnout compared to doctors in other countries. As such, the chance of making a medical error is greater. That said, we likely won’t know the extent of medical malpractice claims due to COVID-19 issues until some years down the line.

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At Pulvers, Pulvers, & Thompson, we have been serving the people of New York for decades. Hence, we have the skills and expertise required to build and win your case. Our extremely high success rate in medical malpractice claims has prompted hundreds of other lawyers to refer and recommend our firm to their clients.

Successful settlements and jury awards in medical malpractice cases often hinge on having an attorney who understands the professional standard of care as well as the medicine behind the injury. Our team has the medical malpractice skill and experience to clearly identify how and why your injury occurred, as well as the ability to clearly explain it to a jury.

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With our team, you never have to worry about negligence or lack of adequate attention. Our lawyers handle limited cases at a time so that we can give each of them the appropriate amount of time and our best efforts. This increases our chances of succeeding.

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