Standard Seat Recalls

On top of exterior components, your car’s interior components can also be defective and unsuitable for daily use.

Like many other dangerous products, defective car seats usually boil down to a design flaw.

Manufacturers tend to recall defective car seats, but if a defective seat causes an accident or aggravates your injuries during one, be sure to contact Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, L.L.P.

Child Car Seat Defects

Car seats designed for children are meant to protect them and give them the safest driving experience possible — so much so that they reduce the risk of injury by 71-82%.

The importance of child car seats cannot be overstated. If your child car seat or booster seat fails to protect your child from serious harm in an accident, that would merit a lawsuit.

Child car seats have been recalled because of design flaws like weak shells, choking hazards, flammable materials, base and shell separation, and faulty harness systems, among others.

Get Legal Help With Your Defective Car Seat Lawsuit

If you or your child has been seriously injured from a defective or potentially defective car seat, you deserve a compensation. Contact a products liability lawyer at Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, L.L.P. to find out your rights.