Fire Injury Attorneys in New York

In 2020, local fire departments across the US responded to an estimated 1.4 million fires.

Of these fires, 3,500 civilians died in fire related deaths and 15,200 civilians reported to have fire related injuries.

These numbers equate to a fire department responding to a fire happening every 23 seconds through the year of 2020.

New York Fire Injury Lawyers

Fires can occur in all settings, including residential, industrial, and commercial areas. Fires, no matter how big or small, are all dangerous and can lead to serious injuries including burns, permanent scarring, and possibly death.

It can also lead to significant property damage, equaling hundreds to thousands of dollars. Determining the cause of the fire and responsible party can be difficult and an immediate, expert investigation is required.

Fires can begin in a variety of circumstances including but not limited to defective smoke detectors, faulty wiring in a house or commercial space, defective propane tanks leading to leaks, negligent care of electric or gas utilities by a landlord, or improperly designed gasoline tanks on a vehicle.

Accomplished Representation in
Fire Injury Lawsuits

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