Scaffolding Accident Attorneys

Scaffolding accidents are a common construction injury and are often due to negligence and improper maintenance of a construction site. In fact, 25% of deadly falls in New York happen off of scaffolding.

Fortunately, the New York scaffolding law (section 240) was written to protect workers against injuries caused by elevated falls, which generally stem from scaffolding accidents.

The scaffolding law initiates a “third-party responsibility for failing to furnish appropriate or non-defective safety devices to guard against risk. Third-party liability also extends to the project owner or general contractor who failed to provide proper safeguards.”

These scaffolding accidents include falling workers, falling objects, and scaffolding accidents from demolition, altering, or even repairing objects.

Why Should You Contact a
Scaffolding Accident Attorney?

Scaffolds should be inspected properly and kept secure at all times. Victims of scaffolding injuries may be entitled to financial compensation beyond workers’ compensation.

The skilled personal injury attorneys at Pulvers, Pulvers, & Thompson seek the maximum compensation to pay for lost income, pain and suffering and medical expenses of those injured in a scaffolding accident.

To learn more about workers compensation, third party claims and additional scaffolding accident liability, contact Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson for your free personal injury consultation.