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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in NYC

The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that every year thousands of people end up in the emergency room because of carbon monoxide poisoning brought on by unintentional exposure to the gas. Many people are exposed when a vehicle is left running in an attached garage, from appliances like stoves or clothes dryers, and even from faulty flues on a water heaters. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning in NYC will feel and appear to be similar to the flu, including a headache, feeling tired, nausea, and being dizzy and short of breath. The longer you’ve been exposed, the more severe the symptoms will become, and exposure can quickly become fatal. This deadly exposure can be prevented by simply taking precautionary measures like installing carbon monoxide detectors at home and in commercial spaces to protect the occupants.

If you’ve been exposed by to carbon monoxide in NYC at work or at home and been diagnosed with carbon monoxide-related injuries, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer in New York right away. Many carbon monoxide cases are caused by defective products or the negligence of another person, and you shouldn’t have to handle the medical bills incurred by being exposed to this dangerous gas. Instead, the product makers or property owners should be held responsible and made to compensate you for your time, pain, and suffering.

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