Highway Work Zone Accident Attorneys
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Highway work zone accidents affect both motorists and workers alike. Around 35,000 people in the U.S. are injured each year in highway construction car accidents.

These work zones have hazards other than the obvious motor vehicle crash possibilities. These work zones often contain heavy machinery that cause further hazard to the environment.

Since 2009, 25 NYC Department of Transportation employees have been injured by work zone accidents. If an accident occurs in a work zone caused by a motorist, the fault will be given to the motorist. However, if additional damage is caused because of an improper work zone, additional fault might be applied.

Hazardous Roadways Accident Attorneys
in New York

The government is required to make sure that all roadways are safe for motorists of all kinds. This includes paving roads, clearing up debris from accidents, fixing important signage that may have been damaged, clearing foliage blocking views of the road, etc.

Hazardous roadways are a common cause of car accidents, which are factors that can be easily prevented with proper roadway care. When an accident of any kind occurs, it is important to note the conditions of the road to see if there were any outside factors contributing to the incident.

In either of these cases, contact the attorneys at Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson to make sure you receive proper compensation.

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