What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that is primarily used by the construction industry.

Construction materials containing asbestos are designed for insulation and fire prevention, and it’s widely used because of how cheap it is.

What’s the catch? Asbestos has been proven to be highly toxic — so much so that the Environmental Working Group found that nearly 10,000 people die from asbestos-related conditions.

Because of this alarming statistic, Congress began working to pass laws to limit the amount of asbestos used across all industries.

What Makes Asbestos Dangerous?

Like we said, asbestos is highly toxic, and long-term exposure can be fatal. Inhaling large amounts of asbestos can cause asbestosis, which includes lung tissue scarring and shortness of breath.

These symptoms range from mild to severe, but oftentimes they don’t appear until years after your initial exposure.

Other symptoms may include fatigue, wheezing, and/or dry cough. Asbestos exposure is also the leading cause of mesothelioma.

Is There A Cure For Mesothelioma Or Asbestosis?

In short: no, there is no cure for mesothelioma or asbestosis. If you think you or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos, get in touch with one of the attorneys at Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, L.L.P. at your earliest convenience.