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Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson has served all of New York with quality legal representation regarding personal injury matters. If you are the victim of a personal injury, you need a law firm dedicated to your case and effective in recovering damages owed to you. Our legal team will explore all legal means to seek justice for your injury.

Personal Injury Attorneys in New York

According to the New York Department of Health, the rate of death from injuries in the state of New York is approximately 40 deaths for every 100,000 people.

The current hospitalization rate from injury is 823 per 100,000 New Yorkers, or almost 1% of the population. This means that injury can affect anyone at any time.

As personal injury lawyers, we consider our clients as part of our family. When there is damage done to our client because of the negligence of another party, regardless if it’s physical or psychological, we are here to fight for your rights.

We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and get you compensated for the amount that you deserve.

Types of Personal Injury Damages

There are two types of damages in a personal injury case. There are Compensatory Damages and Punitive Damages. Most cases fall under the former.

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory damages refers to money awarded to a plaintiff to compensate for damages, injury, or another incurred loss.

The damages are awarded in civil court cases where loss has occurred as a result of the negligence or unlawful conduct of another party.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages refers to the legal recompense that a defendant found guilty of committing a wrong or offense is ordered to pay on top of compensatory damages.

They are awarded by a court of law when compensatory damages are deemed to be insufficient.

These damages are intended to punish defendants whose conduct is considered grossly negligent or intentional to set an example to deter others from committing similar acts.

Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

In both cases, you will want the strongest support system who is able to fight for you and meet the needs of your case. The attorneys at Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson have the determination and expertise to work with and for your particular case.

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